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Erichsen Automatic Door


Erichsen Automatic Door


Erichsen EAD11 adds a touch of the manual swing door luxury. A manual hinged doors can all persons who have no hand free as well as persons with disabilities cause inconvenience. With a hinged door actuator, you can automate an existing or new manual door and thereby facilitate the passage. These rotary wing drives are ideally suited for Office buildings, hospitals, public buildings and even private homes.



  • Manual opening of the power failure
  • Stable internal open stop eliminates the external door stopper
  • Immediate reversal of the direction of movement when there is an obstacle in the opening direction
  • Adjustable end stop of the door leaf allows safe closing the door
  • Sliding lever can be extended for use with emergency exit doors with panic device.
  • Simplest commissioning of existing and new doors
  • Quieter and electromechanical drive with ball screw
  • Push-and-go: immediate opening by pressing or pulling the door with the hand


Security functions

EAD11 is a microprocessor-controlled drive, which monitors exactly the end position, the current position and the speed. The drive recognizes the obstacles in the pivot range of the door leaf and does the following:

  • Safety stop: is the door opening on an obstacle, it stops for a short time and then closes.
  • Auto-reverse function: the door when an obstacle occurs opens it again and tried again to close.