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Automatic Sliding Doors
Erichsen Automatic Door


Erichsen Automatic Door


Simple, slim and elegant operator with a height of 10 cm and detachable Aluminum rail base. This operator can be easily adjusted to the requests of the customers as is control unit can be programmed directly without having any intermediate devices to the program. Attractive, cost effective and easy installation with an optional battery backup of up to 40 cycles.

Areas of application

  • Sliding doors in private, commercial and public buildings
  • for exterior and interior doors 
EAD20 operator

Your advantages

  • “Plug & Play 1-1-1″: absolutely simple installation and commissioning
  • (1 man, 1 day, 1 tool set)
  • Allow architecturally sophisticated solutions only 100 mm height
  • Programming and parameter setting directly on the control unit (individual programming of numerous special functions)
  • Optimizable movement opening and closing direction with start pulse
  • Adjustable power
  • Fault diagnosis on the control panel and right on the control
  • Service-friendly thanks to easily accessible components (only the size of a screw) 


Special functions

  • Adjustable power
  • Emergency opening and closing function
  • Display of operating hours, opening cycles and error recording
  • System status (door status, lock status, errors, etc.)
  • Ring and light control
  • Manual operation for service and cleaning work
  • Monitoring the secondary closing edge