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Automatic Sliding Doors
Erichsen Automatic Door


Erichsen Automatic Door


An elegant sliding door operator with a height of 12 cm. The combination of intelligence and dynamics makes this operator stand out among its competitors. This operator can be easily adjusted to the requirements of the customers as its control unit can be programmed directly without having any intermediate devices to program. The compact design of the system makes it more attractive, cost effective and easy to install.


Sliding doors may be used in commercial, public and private buildings, hospitals, stations, airports etc.


Advanced Technology Door System

Sliding Door Operator offers state-of-the-art design and fast & easy installation. This masterpiece comes with strength & intelligence and is user friendly. With is high functionality & options, the system can be adjusted to your particular requirements. Programming can be executed directly on the control unit, therefore there is no need for any additional devices.


Your Advantages

Very easy installation and commissioning which includes: 1 installer, 1 day, 1 box of tools. The design of 12 cm height enables the architects to have more options for their overall design. The optimization of opening and closing direction with start impulse. Fault diagnosis on the control panel and directly on the control unit. Easy maintenance as the components are easily accessible and only one size screws are used.