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Erichsen Automatic Door


Erichsen Automatic Door


EAD12 is a double wing door actuator, which opens the doors with a synchronous and gentle motion. This double wing door actuator allows a maximum width and maintains adequate time this width for one. After this maintenance, he closes the passage gently and safely. These drives are best suited for Office buildings, hospitals, public buildings and airports.


EAD12 is an installation-ready drive, where it is possible to adjust the speed and aperture and to maintain settings at opening time and closing time.


Technical specifications

  • Power supply
  • Nominal power
  • Door opening time
  • Door closing time
  • Open time


Security functions

EAD12 is a microprocessor-controlled drive, which monitors exactly the end position, the current position and the speed. The drive recognizes the obstacles in the pivot range of the door leaf and does the following:

  • Safety stop: is the door opening on an obstacle, it stops for a short time and then closes.
  • Auto-reverse function: the door when an obstacle occurs opens it again and tried again to close.