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Angular Doors
Erichsen Automatic Door


Erichsen Automatic Door


EADAG is a unique solution for special architectural designs.
The EADAG angle doors are ideal for corner entrances and can be mounted at any angle 90° or greater. Apart from the building from this angle as a function of the input design can be applied either inwards or outwards.

EADAG angular sliding door opens and closes with an elegant and silent movement and with different harmonious and coordinated speed.



  • Office building
  • Public buildings
  • Banks
  • Hospitals etc. 


Standard functions

  • Detection of obstacles in opening and closing direction with safety stop function and subsequent reboot in the gentle.
  • Self-learning control system with integrated safety monitoring.
  • Adjustable opening and closing speed.
  • Selector to select of the following modes: automatic operation, winter operation (reduced opening width), full opening, one-way traffic, locked.
  • Combined movement / presence detectors with higher accuracy and less installation effort and improved door profiles.



Key Switch


Digital Key Switch (optional)



  • Electromagnetic lock set
  • Outdoor key switch for night access
  • Connection to the PC module
  • Connection to your mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Manual readout mechanism
  • Connectivity to the LON network
  • Powerful battery, which allows hundreds of opening and closing cycles