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Revolving Doors
Erichsen Automatic Door


Erichsen Automatic Door


In entrance areas, where an elegant appearance and architectural values play an important role, are automatic revolving doors in place. They bring exceptional features with them and fulfill therefore the satisfaction and wishes of the customer.



  • Office buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Banks
  • Hospitals etc.

The operator systems EAD53 and EAD54 are two versions by Erichsen revolving doors, with 3 or 4 wings that are available depending on size and use as manual or automatic execution. The 4-bladed revolving door enables a wide passage. The 3-bladed revolving door is the preferred execution in relation to the architectural point of view.

Both revolving doors are used in hotels, office buildings, supermarkets and airports. The wealth of combinations allows us to offer our customers many options to choose from.